For these series I take the profile of a car. The accent is the bumpers or a stainless steel stripe across the hood.

The female driver steers the car to the right at high speed and she bends to the right. The car leans slightly to the left.

These are iconic cars from the seventies and they are still favorite from me. They are pure archtypes for those who think of a sports car. At that time, every brand had its own style and signature.

Jaguar E-type in the colors BLRG and Opalascent Golden Sand. That wasand is ‘sex on wheels’.

Porsche had that powerful boxer engine in the back. Absolute perfection in technology and details. That sound is so recognizable.

Ashton Martin DB 5 is unmistakably linked to James Bond. You can’t get more English on the menu.

Citroen DS Chapron has been declared the most beautiful car of all time by Classic & Sports Car magazine.