For a mock airfield from WWII in the south of the Netherlands, the local committee searched a steel artist who could make a replica of a German aircraft from the Second World War: They were exactly the right place in my workshop.

I chose a Messerschmitt BF 109, a famous fighter aircraft from the Germans. I followed the original dimensions using various techniques. In my own specifyc style, I left the plane open, so you can clearly see the trusswork of the fuselage and wings.

I had the help of young people who were in a learning program of a social working project.

The icing on the cake was placing the aircraft with an Air Force Chinook helicopter. 3000 people were present at the landing/opening.

This plane has now become a tourist attraction and cycling and walking routes have been created to it. The management is done entirely by volunteers from the local community.

You can also visit the aircraft and seat yourself in the cockpit.

(location of the Messerschmitt)