Fearless House

Fearless House is a house like you and I drew as a child. And like all children around the world do.

Such a children’s house is adorable. Nothing is straight and everything is so simple. Just as simple as your own childhood was. As a child, I even made a little house out of sheets over the table and it felt cozy inside.

En nu is er dit huisje uit je kindertijd, 4 meter hoog. De wanden zijn van 5 cm dik staal gemaakt.  Dat is echt heel dik. Binnen is het alsof je in je kindertijd onder een laken onder de tafel zit.

 GNo problems with burglars, hurricanes, leaking roofs and attacks. You feel safe there within those thick walls

Butt . . . . .
The house has no back wall. Everything enters your life unfiltered and in large quantities through that open back wall. This happens via TV, internet, social media and newspapers. Colleagues and neighbors add the extra mile in the stories. You often don’t even notice how quickly everything rushes by. And you can’t shield yourself from it either.

However, there is a solution: 
the front door is always open.
If you do not attach importance to all the messages that pass by, your unrest and uncertainty will disappear through that welded, open front door. 
Just by sitting on the thick steel chair. 
You do not deny the world around you, but you recognize life. Then the unrest will not last.